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Meet Our Team

About R Connections

Meet The Team

Welcoming you to R Connections, where we give you a glimpse of the power of partnering with horses to bring learning to life! Meet the team that helps people grow and develop in meaningful and fun experiences!


Our Mission

Empowering people and partnering with horses to create unforgettable learning experiences to build stronger teams and authentic leaders.

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Meet The Owner

Hi, I'm Carrie Ross. 

Over the last thirty years I have had many incredible opportunities to successfully manage, create and lead teams and organizations in the public, private and non-profit sector. Some highlights include winning the Saskatchewan Tourism Business of the Year Award as owner of the Fieldstone Vacation Farm, owner of TourQuest a Saskatchewan receptive tour company promoting “Heartland Canada” to the international travel trade sector, participating in three Saskatchewan Royal Visits through my role as the Executive Director of Government House, leading three organizational change management projects while in executive positions in the Government of Saskatchewan and the honour of being a trustee on the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Through my diverse leadership experiences, I have learned that to be a successful leader you have to be an authentic leader. 

Nice to Meet You

We have over 30 engaging programs we can facilitate, deliver,

and customize just for you. 

Certifications & Qualifications

The Fast Track to Success.

Along with my ability to successfully coach leadership skills in an office, I also acquired dual Equine Assisted Learning facilitator certifications to coach leaders by partnering with horses, in my arena. I have been trained and certified through Equine Connection, Strathmore, Alberta. The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning and backed by The EAL Network a leading organization in Equine Assisted Learning skills development. 


I am also trained and certified by the EAL Academy, I received my certification in Amarillo, Texas. Together with my dual EAL facilitator certifications, we have over 30 engaging programs that we can facilitate, deliver, and customize just for you!

Our Qualifications

“My R Connections experience was unlike anything I have experienced to date. As I reflect now, the experience of working with horses was a situation that forces you out of your everyday ways and pushes you to process how you connect. I encourage any leader of any team to consider this opportunity for team development to not only experience something incredibly unique but also learn and grow from what you discover in yourself as the sessions unfold.”

Miriam Johnson

Women Entrepreneurs Saskatchewan, CEO


The Horses

Meet Our Teachers

Our herd of teachers at R Connections all came to us for a reason, honestly, they found us. They all have very different backgrounds and personalities like our own families, colleagues, and community. We believe they came together to find their forever home and to share their generosity, by helping to empower people.  

Jack, Andy, Pontiac, and Bentley have provided us the opportunity to create R Connections and to share their wisdom and knowledge through Equine Assisted Learning. We are forever grateful for our team who always amaze us with their support and ability to help people grow and develop in such respectful and meaningful interactions.

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